Have you ever had your Home Listed For Sale, but it didn’t Sell, and you are not sure WHY?

Do you want a dependable full-time career REALTOR® that makes themselves available to you at all times, answers their phone, and returns your calls the same day?

Do you want a REALTOR® that gives you weekly updates and stays in constant communication with you, and doesn’t just place a sign in your yard and never contacts you again?

Do you want a REALTOR® that not only understands but also operates ethically and effectively in all 3 Real Estate Cycles: strong and profitable, weak and volatile, and slow and stagnant?

Do you want a REALTOR® that is adaptable, diverse, creative, dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, outgoing, knowledgeable, intelligent, and has a broad range of experience?

Do you want an Experienced REALTOR® that has excellent negotiation and communication skills?

Do you want a resourceful REALTOR®?

Do you want a life-long local resident and REALTOR® that covers the entire DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas of North Texas?



I am a full-time career REALTOR®, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Accredited Luxury Home Specialist, and Texas Real Estate Broker/Owner of VerTex Realty, Luxury Estates International, and TriTex Commercial Real Estate. I am a life-long North Texas resident and well established in the local Real Estate markets, but I operate my Brokerage Services business ALL OVER North Texas. I personally cover a 7500 square mile 9 county area in North Texas that is larger than the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined, and includes the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding communities. 

Let’s face it, TEXAS IS BIG. They say “Everything is BIGGER in TEXAS”, and that couldn’t be more true or evident than in Real Estate. Texas is so large that El Paso in the west is closer to San Diego, California than it is to Beaumont in the east. Beaumont, in turn, is closer to Jacksonville, Florida than it is to El Paso. Texarkana is closer to Chicago, Illinois than it is to El Paso. Dalhart, TX is closer to the state capitals of Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming than it is to Austin, our own state capital. Texas is Big and Texans are proud. I am a proud Texan, and I will make you proud as YOUR REALTOR®. 

As a REALTOR®, I have access to a local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a tool utilized by paying members of REALTOR® Associations to get exposure for properties. Too often properties are placed in MLS, and then, THAT’S IT, just sit back and hope for the best. I DO NOT just place your property in MLS and hope for the best. I AM AGGRESSIVE and very broad with my efforts. I get maximum exposure and visibility for your property, in successfully proven researched ways.  

If you have ever had your property listed for sale and it Expired Without Selling, then Contact ME. I understand how, and have the necessary experience and resources, to market a property successfully from the beginning. When things change, I know how to strategically adjust a marketing campaign and adapt to those changes in market conditions based on the current Real Estate environment, and not just assume it’s business as usual, if many variables have changed since your property was listed. I understand these aspects of Real Estate, as I am continuously updating my market analysis of your property and area, and I work diligently each and every day to stay informed about current conditions in both the Real Estate AND Financial Markets that dictate when changes need to be made. I stay in constant communication with you and will walk you through these adjustments as we make them. This is why you Need ME representing you when your property has Expired Without Selling.

I am always searching for new and innovative resources to stay on top of the Real Estate world. Not only do I have more resources available to me than most, I go get my resources. I create them. I make them happen. I get out and talk to people. I engage in many creative marketing techniques and utilize the latest advances in technology to create a proven track record of success. We’ve all heard the cliche’ to work smarter, not harder. Well I do both, I work smarter and harder. I adapt to the continuously changing markets, and I listen to your ideas as well, as we work together as a team to formulate a strategy and accomplish our goals. I simplify the process of buying, selling, or leasing Real Estate as I provide you with an informative personal interaction from start to finish, which is why I have a lot of repeat business and referrals from my clients. I am a full-time career REALTOR®, NOT part time or doing Real Estate on the side, therefore I am Dedicated to my clients, Focused on results, and Motivated for success as I work all day, every day, to assist buyers and sellers in North Texas, and I answer my phone or return your calls the same day. Most importantly, I AM AGGRESSIVE. I DO NOT just list your property for sale with a few photos in MLS, place a sign in your yard, and hope it sells.

Too often I hear of someone that “specializes” in a given area of Real Estate based upon their level of expertise, well I “Specialize”, and have Expertise, in ALL areas of Real Estate: Residential, Commercial, Farm and Ranch, and Raw Land. Let’s face it, the Real Estate world is perpetually evolving and cyclical, like most everything in business and in life, which is why you need a diversified and experienced Real Estate Broker who not only understands, but operates ethically and effectively, in all 3 Real Estate market environments: strong and profitable, weak and volatile, and slow and stagnant. All 3 can be challenging and require extraordinary perseverance, extreme motivation and dedication, substantial experience and leadership, innovative strategies, informed decisions and responsible actions. This is why you need ME representing YOU in all of your North Texas Real Estate endeavors.

There are differing opinions on what attributes a Real Estate professional should possess, but honesty and integrity should go without saying. Real Estate has always meant more to me than buying and selling properties. It’s about you, your hopes and dreams. It’s about a relationship based on trust, knowledge, and expertise. I exceed expectations, enhance your quality of life, and go the extra mile to give you the best possible experience when buying or selling a property. I am Passionate about Real Estate and my performance reflects that.

Call Me! Find out what I have to say personally about these subjects! Let me show you why I am successful in this business with my Aggressiveness, High Energy and Enthusiasm, Dynamic Outgoing Personality, Powerful Communication Skills, Tenacious Drive to Succeed, broad range of Diversified Experience, and Intelligence. Whether you are Buying, Leasing, OR Selling a small property, or large tract of land, let me show you why YOU want to List your property with ME, or help YOU Buy or Lease the property of your dreams. Call Me, let’s discuss ideas, and within a few minutes, you’ll see why I get excited about this industry. Call Me and let’s talk about Real Estate!


The Greatest Compliment I Could Ever Receive is a Referral From My Friends and Clients!


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